Wonderwall has a fully stocked Pro Shop to cater for all your climbing needs. With great brands and product that holds up to only the highest quality and safety standards you can rest assured that the most concerning portion of your climbing experience is making that next move. Our staff are highly knowledgeable and are eager to assist you in whatever you may need, from beginner's packs to advanced gear and uses.

Evolv - Demorto, Evolv - Bandit, Evolv - Rockstar, Mad Rock - Flash, Mad Rock - Phoenix, Mad Rock - Onsight, Mad Rock - Joker, Saltic - Spirit, Saltic - Bongo, 5-10 - Dragon, 5-10 - Ananzi Verde

Beal, Edelridd, Bluewater Ropes, Static/Dynamic Rope - Per Metre

Black Diamond - Alpine Bod, Black Diamond - Focus, Black Diamond - Momentum, Black Diamond - Iris, Black Diamond - Big Gun, Black Diamond - Primrose, Edelridd - Sartorius, Edelridd - Loopo, Mad Rock - Mercury, Mad Rock - Mars, Mad Rock - Venus, Singing Rock - Attack

Safety Accessories
Black Diamond - Tracker Helmets, Black Diamond - nForce Ascenders, Slings - Various Sizes, Accessory Cord - Per Metre, Belay Devices - ATC, Belay Devices - Lory, Belay Devices - Grigri

Carabiners and Quickdraws
DMM - Belaymaster, DMM - BOA, DMM - Trusrew, DMM - Zodiac, DMM - Aero, DMM - Shield, DMM - Limewire, Mad Rock - Ultratech, Clog, Trango, Black Diamond - Quicksilver, Black Diamond - Ovalwire, Black Diamond - Hotwire, Metolius, Singing Rock

Other Accessories
Black Diamond - White Gold Chalk, Black Diamond - Lanterns, Black Diamond - Headlights, Gidgetz - Wide Variety, Chalk Bags - Wide Variety, Finger Tape, Variety of Climbing/Bouldering Books and Guides
MCSA MSAR Stat Medical Stat Medical